Variations of Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It is played with a conventional 52-card deck. However, there are many variations on the game. The goal is to beat the dealer’s hand and get the highest score without going over 21, but there are also some side bets.

The most common form of blackjack is the European style. This is played with two decks of cards, and the objective is to draw a hand value that exceeds 21, while the dealer tries to get 21 or less.

Blackjack has various variants, such as Spanish 21, which removes all 10s from the shoe. The Spanish 21 version is quite popular in some parts of the United States. The payouts are slightly different, but most of the rules are the same. Players are not allowed to double down, but they can split the cards up to three times.

For those who are card counting, a hand with an ace is a good bet, as the ace will either count as a 1 or an 11. A perfect hand is a pair of aces and a Queen, or a Jack and a King.

Another option for blackjack players is the Super Match. If the first four cards dealt to the player contain a pair, then the player will receive a bonus of three to two. Alternatively, if the player’s first four cards all have the same rank, then he may split the cards and play independently.

Insurance is a popular side bet for players at a blackjack table. Basically, it’s a bet that the dealer has blackjack. Unlike most other blackjack variations, insurance is offered universally on most tables. In the event that the dealer has blackjack, the player is paid two to one.

On the flip side, if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, then the wager will not be paid. But if the dealer does have blackjack, the player can recover half of his original bet. You should be aware that the even-money version of this bet does not pay out 3 to 2, as the house edge is still slightly higher.

Surrender is another common variation. When the dealer shows an ace, the player can choose to surrender his half of the bet. Although this isn’t the most exciting part of the game, it’s wise to do it. Ideally, the player wants to get blackjack, and not bust.

One of the most popular variations on the game is Spanish 21, which allows the player to re-double the bet on the same hand. There are also side bets called “Dealer Match” and “Super Match.” These payouts are often higher than those of the standard Blackjack.

Finally, there is the Blackjack Surrender, which is a variant of the game. This type of game is a tournament format. After the first two cards are dealt, the player can choose to hit, stand, or hit again. If he ties, he loses. He can also give up half of his bet and reclaim the other half.