The Basics of Roulette Strategy


Roulette is a simple game based truly on chance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have some strategy for those who want to maximize their winnings. This article will cover the basics of the game and help you understand where to place your chips when you’re at the table.

During a roulette round, players make their bets before the croupier throws the ball into a spinning wheel. The dealer then announces that players can no longer make bets, and the player who guessed the number, section or color the ball would land on will win.

The Dozens Bet: Also known as douzaine in French, this wager is a simple one – you’re betting that the winning number is part of the first dozen on the layout (1-18), the second dozen (18-34), or the third dozen (35-55). This is an even money bet, with a payout of 2-1.

Outside Bets: As the name implies, these bets are placed on a group of numbers instead of individual ones. These bets are more conservative, and offer a lower payout if you win.

When you’re ready to leave the roulette table, simply tell the dealer that you’d like to cash out your roulette chips. She’ll then give you normal casino chips in return. This process is repeated every time the table is re-occupied for a new round. When the roulette wheel stops and the ball lands, the dealer will place a marker on the winning number or chips and pay out the winners before clearing off losing bets.