How to Play Blackjack


Blackjack is a card game played between a player and a dealer. It uses one to eight 52-card decks. All number cards (2-10) score their value, face cards (Jack, Queen, King) score 10, and Ace can either count as 1 or 11. The goal of the game is to get a hand value as close to 21 as possible without going over it. Players win by beating the dealer’s hand, and they lose if their hand exceeds 21 or they bust.

The game of blackjack is played on a semicircular table with seats for 2-7 players. The dealer stands behind the table and chips rack. When you are ready to play, look for an empty seat and sit down in it. If the table is already in use, wait until the shuffle before sitting down. If you see an open seat, you can join a blackjack game in progress unless chips or a coat are holding it for someone else or the casino has a “No Midshoe Entry” policy (marked by a sign on the table).

Once you’re seated, the dealer shuffles the cards and deals each player two cards face down. You can pick up your cards to take a look at them, but you must keep them in one hand and don’t touch the dealer’s cards. When the dealer finishes dealing, she flips up her hole card and, if it has a ten on it, the dealer gets a blackjack and takes everyone’s original wagers. She also pays out any insurance wagers.

If the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, she continues to deal each player a single card. Players then decide whether to stand, hit, double down, or split pairs of cards. The dealer acts last, and must hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 through 21. A player wins when their unbusted hand totals higher than the dealer’s, and they are paid at odds of 1 to 1. They lose their bet if they bust or if their hand is less than 21.

Novice players often make costly mistakes. They’ll stand too much when they should hit and they’ll fail to double down or split pairs as often as they should. This gives the house an edge and makes it difficult for them to beat the dealer. Experts, on the other hand, will maximize their wins and minimize their losses by playing more aggressively.

You can learn more about blackjack by visiting our dedicated page. There, you will find a detailed overview of the rules of blackjack, as well as tips and strategies to help you become an expert at the game. We’ve also included a list of the best casinos to play this exciting card game online. Good luck! You’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional blackjack player before you know it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help! And, as always, remember to gamble responsibly.